Enjoy wholeheartedly.

An experience spiced with sensuality.

More passion.
More deliciousness.

Whether it’s a business lunch or a night out, you can enjoy the mesmerising combination of a refined ambience, adventurous aromas, and urban rhythms. At Maredo, business is enriched by friendship, morsels by fun, while nights out are accompanied by emotions. The title of one of the best restaurants in Zagreb and a leader in the modern grill scene is something we pride ourselves on, while constantly pushing the boundaries through attention to every detail – from an immaculate service and creative menu to the first-class wine and cocktail selection, as well as ensured parking.

You can always count on us to pleasantly surprise your palate. In that regard, we have recently expanded our offer with the inclusion of Maredo Sushi Bar, an addition that provokes excitement in everybody.


Signature menu
by chef
Mario Mihelj

The vision of the head chef is graced by a different, avant-garde approach to grilling. A plethora of inspiration and surprises with a personal touch, modern reinterpretations of worldwide tastes based on rich experience, only the best natural ingredients, dedication to taste and original, imaginative recipes. Each plate provides a unique sensation, regularly signed by one of the boldest national culinary artists.


Freshness that
inspirits us.

We believe that sushi truly represents more than regular food. Namely, we consider it to be a sort of voyage, the impressiveness of which is our daily responsibility.
Therefore, you will certainly find the so-called sushi “classics” on our menu but be sure to count on various specialties specific to Maredo as well. The preparation of Maredo sushi starts almost instantly after your order, and you can witness the enthusiasm, precision, and attention from the first row by sitting in one of our eight special chairs. However, do not fret, for sushi can certainly be ordered within the compounds of the entire restaurant. As for our inspiration, we draw it from a layered freshness motif – the freshness of the ingredients, the approach, and the imagination!


Make a toast to the
finest moments.

First-class wine deserves profound respect and our rich selection of charming, characterful, and serious wines and champagnes from Italian, Spanish and Latin American wineries was created precisely through such a relationship. Fantastic national wines complete the exquisite selection, a large portion of which can also be enjoyed per glass, owing to our top-notch technology of preserving quality and freshness.


A place with exceptional personality.


Allow yourself the ultimate sophistication in every bite and create memories that will last a lifetime with Maredo.


Regardless of whether you are organizing a corporate event, business lunch or dinner, our offer will delight you.
The atmosphere sets the tone for the experience, and the experience creates memories that will last forever.
Let us make your next special occasion unforgettable!

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